Development of specific designs in the way of handmade sketches or drafts showing up the strong elements of the aesthetics of the product Clear presentation of the details and subtleties which will underline the complete product.


Realization of computerized and fine drawings in the different axial views and various possibilities of finishings, surfaces and colors.

Integration of the codes and the respect of the history of the brandname and development of the emotional elements related to the product.

Setting up of the drawings of construction with overall pictures as well as of the details meant to intervene in the manufacturing of the product, such as per example, tables of the precious stones (gemstones).

Follow-up of the realization of the prototype of intention and aesthetic controls of the technical drawings of components and of the final prototypes.

According to the aesthetics of the product and if the intervention is considered to be necessary, realization of a 3D?s file with realistic views.

Possibility of video animation as well as to use documents in technical language for future machining on CNC milling machine.